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Carls Pool

South Jersey Shore

30 March
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Umm....I like stuff. Stuff is good. You can never have enough stuff. I remember this one time I didn't have much stuff and I was sad. But hey things got better and I got items. Thats better than stuff. Ok all stuff aside, I am actully royalty ya know. Yeah I'm the king of all things random. I also have a scarf and a corset, did I mention I look really good in a corset? Did I mention I'm a guy? yeah I'm hot. I know. Jealous? You should be. Don't make me send my minions of flaming weasel covered snausages at you. Allright. I'm done being retarded* now.

*Retarded-- Tarded all over again.
afi, fiscal years, items, megaman, objects, stuff, tangible comodities, things